At this time, we’re only serving Los Angeles County.  $75 minimum order before tax’s for delivery (restrictions apply). All orders are processed the next business day.Use code: 777blazin23

New flavors every month!

We are here to create the best ice cream flavors.  We will give you new flavors every other month for you to choose from.

Made with fresh fruit

Each ice cream has fresh fruit and is crafted to perfection.  Our ingredients are hand-picked for the best quality and taste.

Made the old fashioned way

Slowly turned a wooden bucket filled with ice and salt with a handle that rotated.


It gradually lets you know you are getting medicated, leaving you feeling good and relaxed.

But First,
Ice Cream!

Blazin Scoops

Blazin Scoops was founded in 2017 to have more options in the cannabis industry.

Our focus is to include those who suffer from cancer, debilitating pain, nausea, seizures, and other illnesses while eliminating the smoking factor.

Blazin Flavors

The only dairy product with a superb rich taste, 
leaving you feeling good and relaxed. 
Creamy rich smoothe, great taste.

Salted Caramel

Hand crafted salted caramel sauce,
with a custard base.
(10oz/100mg per serving)

Rocky Road

Rich custard chocolate ice cream, toasted almonds, marshmallow sauce.
(10oz/100mg per serving)
Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler

Sweet savory hand crafted peach cobbler, flaky crust, rich custard base.
(10oz/100mg per serving)
Golden Cookies N Cream

Golden Cookies N Cream

Custard base with two different cookies,
full of flavor.
(10oz/100mg per serving)
French Vanilla Bean

French Vanilla Bean

A rich custard base with grade A
Madagascar beans.
(10oz/100mg per serving)
Butter Pecan

Butter Pecan

Hand crafted candy pecans with
a savory buttery base.
(10oz/100mg per serving)
Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon

Fresh dragon blueberry cream base.
A one of a kind taste.
(10oz/100mg per serving)
Banana Creme Pudding

Banana Creme Pudding

Fresh bananas, custard cream base with two different types of cookies and cool whip.
(10oz/100mg per serving)

Apple Me Over

Apple Me Over

Sweet-savory hand crafted apple pie dish, flaky crust, custard creamy base.
(10oz/100mg per serving)
Apple Me Over

Strawberry Cake Crunch

Fresh house strawberry sauce, handcrafted crumble, strawberry custard swirl base.
(10oz/100mg per serving)
Blazin Cones

Blazin Cones

Our cones in 3 different flavors; Original, Cookies N Cream and Graham Cracker.
(45mg per serving)

Apple Me Over

Blazin Scoops Tote Bag

Stylish and supportive, our Blazin Tote Bags
are cool for any occasion.
One size fits all.
Blazin Scoops Sample Pack

Blazin Scoop Sample Pack

Our sample pack gives you any 3 of our hand made ice cream.
(6oz/25mg each)
Blazin Scoops Sample Pack

Blazin Scoop Black TShirt

Our black TShirt.
100% Cotton, fun and comfortable.
(Sizes xs – 2xl)

The best cannabis old-fashioned  ice cream you ever had!

So many flavors to choose from to satisfy your sweet tooth

What other’s say…

We don’t just say we have great ice cream, our customers say it too!

“Great way to end the day!”

The quality of the ice cream made this one of the few times I forgot I was eating something medicated. As a heavy smoker, I will say the sampler pack was the perfect dose to end the day.”


“It was incredible.”

I’m feeling good! Loving it. You guys definitely earned a repeat customer, Love everything about it! The taste, the presentation, every thang!


The best.

The peach cobbler is my favorite, I was cobbling and I had a lot of work to do, since I am a heavy smoker, it got me through my day. I only eat half a jar. it was pleasant and delightful.  I’m going to be a repeat customer. 


“These SLAP!”

First off let me say that you are not ready! These medicated cones SLAP!  I didn’t even get to put ice cream in it.  It was a cookies N cream cone, of course I ate it before I was suppoed to LOL.


“I love edibles now”

I never really liked edibles due to the fact that they always hit way harder than they’re supposed to …but when I found your ice cream I’ve re-found a love for edibles!! First of all your ice cream taste amazing !!! you can’t taste the cannabis at all!!, second of all the high is perfect , it feels like I smoked a joint every time !! thank you so much for this amazing product !! It feels like something that Industry really needed!! I can’t wait for the day I can walk into any dispensary and find it


Try the peach cobbler!

I had the peach cobbler one it was soooo good next I’m trying banana pudding yasssss!


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